What If We Could Give Away Leftovers?

One person’s leftovers are another person’s exotic meal. This all depends on what a person pictures when thinking of left overs.  Are you imagining a bitten cheeseburger or a plate of Pad Thai that was not touched? Could you imagine a homeless guy or even a college student getting a full plate of Pad Thai for free?

This is a not a new concept. The idea of leaving leftovers in a city for the homeless is growing as a movement in Los Angeles as Shareshelf.

What if this vision of giving food away was broadened to a larger scope? What if we developed an app that could give updates on free food? It could be in highly populated areas and similar to Craigslist.

There are many people who cannot stand the idea of throwing large amounts of food away and would feel good in giving it away. This could include restaurants with buffets or big receptions. Free food that would otherwise go to waste would make it to people that need it. Can you build a Shareshelf for your city or develop the app?


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