What If Leaving a Class Legacy was a Senior Tradition?

LazyToday, high school seniors suffer from senioritis during their last semester. Senioritis can be defined as a condition when senior students are exhausted by academic tasks and social life changes taking a toll on their productivity. Seniors suffering from senioritis tend to be seen as lazy and symptoms include procrastination and apathy. With college applications, standardized tests, and AP exams, we can’t really blame them for wanting to relax, can we? Besides, its hard focusing on class and learning when you know that you have major life changes coming your way and friends that you may no longer see. The same applies to college seniors, but they have the additional worry of finding a job.

But what if we could create a different focus?

What if there was a school tradition that the high school senior class or the college graduating class had to pull together to leave a positive mark for future classes. Could you imagine the potential of such an endeavor? Students would come together to discuss how they could help their school, their teachers and fellow students. Students would be involved in creating legacies they could leave behind such as an art or a music program, an additional foreign language class, improved counseling program or a career center, or even a new gym. Not only would the school and younger students benefit tremendously, but the seniors themselves would graduate with a sense of accomplishment and community.

Now isn’t that what being an alumni is all about – leaving a legacy for the future?

By Ryan Makhani