Social Creatives: Resources for Social Entrepreneurs

Social Creatives is an informative resource for students diving into social entrepreneurship. It shares various stories of change and transformation with filters ranging from Artistic to Do It Yourself to Design. Many great toolkits focused on topics such as pitch, measuring impact and problem solving – are additional incentives.

The resource which I love the most is a free ebook, The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Social Entrepreneurs. In the short ebook, Charles Tsai, the executive director of Social Creatives and mentor for youth with Ashoka, explores why some social entrepreneurs succeed while others fail. I particularly appreciate the habit of “Establish Change Models.” He says, whereas businesses find systematic ways to generate profit, social entrepreneurs find systematic ways to create change. They find formulas for changes, also known as change models, that can be repeatable and scalable to help as many as possible. The habits are concise and powerful. I highly recommend the ebook to all students as well as the tools on the site.

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