New Manifesto 2017 Desk Calendar

Here is a revised and new manifesto.

We have changed “learning over performance” to “learning over ranking.” We realized that performance has many different connotations in school compared to entrepreneurship and work. A young innovator in a workshop also pointed out that when he thinks about performance, it is highly connected to learning. First, we decided to say “learning over grades.” Then we realized that the word grades is not used globally and that it does not flow. Then, we decided to change the statement to “ranking” as it connects to GPA, ranking in a school and an extrinsic motivation in the real world.

The biggest change to the manifesto was the addition of “We value diversity and see it as a strength.” The statement bridges the three “value” and three “see” statements as well as highlights the importance of diversity. When it comes to leadership, it is becoming more and more clear how important inclusion is. And when it comes to innovation, it is absolute evident that diversity is a key component as it enables different ways of looking at a problem and solution. Diversity in this statement therefore embodies the diversity of thought, diversity in ideas and diversity in people. It is designed to encompass all the diversity in regard to age, gender, race, culture, background and nationality.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the manifesto and have you share it with your family and friends globally.

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6-30-2017 Last line to be added: We aim to live a life of courage and meaning.