Leadership For Teens (LFT) Workshop FAQ

What does LFT stand for?

LFT stands for Leadership for Teens

Who is Leadership for Teens (LFT) Workshop for?

The LFT Workshop is designed for motivated teens who want to explore their strengths, passions and leadership abilities. It aims to equip teens with a mindset needed to develop themselves into innovative leaders that can lead their future.

What is LFT Workshop?

LFT Workshop is a full-day of experiences for a small group of teens in an inspiring and entrepreneurial space. Teens will figure out what their strengths are as well as how they can direct their lives. Teens will also learn how they can creatively solve problems and develop an innovative leader mindset using our Manifesto through hands-on activities. Each workshop has a cap to only allow a small group of participants per workshop. This ensures personal attention and personalized learning.

What will my teen do at LFT?

First, your future leader will be given a leadership self-assessment before the workshop that will identify ways to grow. At the workshop, your teen will go through many activities that will range from individuals to groups. The activities will include problem solving and pitching a solution as well as games. Your teen will also create a personal manifesto and digital portfolio that they will share with you in the last hour of the day (if you choose to attend the last hour; optional for parents).

What will my teen walk away with at the end of LFT?

The workshop is designed to be an EXTRAORDINARY experience that will help your teen see herself/himself as a leader who can make choices, has great strengths and is creative. The young leader will take home a digital portfolio that contains their personal manifesto, strengths and areas to grow as a leader and innovator.

When is LFT?

To keep group sizes small, the same LFT workshop will be held at the following dates across Houston from 9 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

  • Saturday, June 18
  • Sunday, June 19
  • Saturday, June 25
  • Sunday, June 26

Participants must register for one date.

Where will LFT take place?

The workshops are at co-working spaces.

June 18 and June 19 will be hosted at Cowork Lab, 2500 Yale St, Houston, TX 77008 (Greater Heights)

June 25 and June 26 will be hosted at Office in America, 6200 Savoy Dr #630, Houston, TX 77036 (Southwest Houston)

What separates LFT from a class on leadership?

LFT will stick with a rule of 80/20: With 80% of the time allocated to engaging activities around leadership, self-awareness and innovation. 20% of the time will be given to instruction time and listening.

Why should my child come to LFT?

If your teenager needs help thinking about their passions, strengths and future direction, then LFT explores just that. This workshop will help develop them as a better leader and an innovator.

Young leaders will form relationships with other teens with ideas and leadership skills across Houston, as well as feel inspired about what young people are capable of.  

Along with a digital portfolio, teens will receive a Certificate of Leadership from BuildMyIdea.org for completing the Leadership For Teens Workshop.

Please email any further questions you have to ryan@buildmyidea.org