Have You Heard of Fotojet?

What is it? Fotojet is a simple and free photo collage creation tool. You can make a card, poster or social media image quickly. It requires no email address or account.

Who uses it? Anyone who wants to make a card or any type of visual. Students, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs and leaders could benefit from a tool that connects words and sentiments to images.

How can it help? It allows you to tell a story. It can help you formulate what you want to say through a combination of images and words in just minutes. It can be powerful for social media or marketing an event.

Why I use it? I find its simplicity to be powerful. I created the image below in minutes. It tells the a story of a young leader pondering on how to build her ideas and how to change the world.

Who is talking about it? Edshelf and Geekers Magazine express how they love tool and how it works.