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Asana is a platform that provides teams efficient ways to get organized. The company aims at providing clarity to all the processes and individuals involved in the tasks.

This is a young social entrepreneur’s dream, as it takes away the challenges that often exist in coordinating tasks and the lack of clarity that can arise in service projects or social ventures. Asana’s platform provides the ability to create a single task list shared by a team, organize projects and delegate tasks with a deadline. It even allows for comments in tasks for additional input.

Asana also has apps for smart phones which make it simple to add a task and assign it instantly. Asana allows every team member to see what is happening creating clarity without numerous emails and text messages.

Co-founder Justin Rosenstein shares his vision of Asana and creating clarity in an inspiring video.  The tools in Asana build on the fundamental processes of project management. If there are more than two people working together on a project then Asana can make your life a lot easier and projects more efficient with its free platform. At Build My Idea, we use Asana, and it has helped us significantly in our processes and coordination.


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One thought on “Get Your Team Organized With Asana

  • Stavridou Helen

    Asana is one of the first and most popular business collaboration tools that exist, although there are also other new and more complete solutions in terms of collaboration that can offer much more than a simple business software. One of them is Comidor ( which is based on cloud and is a full package for every small- medium business