1. What is BuildMyIdea.org?


BuildMyIdea.org is a social enterprise designed to help young people, especially teens, find their purpose in education, grow as creators of their own future and find ways to build their ideas of helping others.


2. Whom does BuildMyIdea.org serve?


BuildMyIdea.org serves students in their teens and the educators, mentors as well as parents that surround them. Students who feel a passion for some idea, skill or activity are most responsive to our platform. They have the energy and drive and we create an environment where they can take off with guidance.


3. What does BuildMyIdea.org aim to achieve?


It’s a cliché to say the children are our future, but the reality is they will become our future decision makers, policy changers and will set the tone for societies. BuildMyIdea.org aims to create a movement and a community of young creators who grow with wisdom and strong talent to serve the world by following their passion.


4. How will BuildMyIdea.org help students?


BuildMyIdea.org will develop and share effective and practical resources for students who are self-directed learners. The resources focus on personal development and teach young people to become better learners and creators.


5. When did BuildMyIdea.org launch?


BuildMyIdea.org launched on the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. in 2014. The company was born to extend the vision and legacy of MLK, who stood for service and social justice. He demonstrated integrity, character and great leadership. We need our students to become bold and stand up for what they believe in. He had a dream and consistently shared his vision to provide human rights for others. He stood on the shoulders of Henry David Thoreau and Gandhi. Our students can stand on his shoulders and others to also make great contributions.


6. Why is BuildMyIdea.org focusing on 12-18?


These years are often filled with the most turmoil during development. It is a time of changing friendships, reflecting on one’s future professions as well as a time where one develops a self-image. The teenage years are also ideal for developing empathy for the people in need that surround young people. If passions and purposes are explored further through meaningful service experiences at this age, then one may take further advantage of their schooling by using that time to do more of what truly motivates them. Students could build enterprises or create an income doing what they love and serving the world while in school.


7. How will BuildMyIdea.org be funded?


BuildMyIdea.org will be funded through individual contributions, corporate sponsorship, partnerships and by charging beneficiaries for its services and products.


8. How is BuildMyIdea.org going to create a community?


BuildMyIdea.org will leverage social media tools and use feedback to form its services and programs. BuildMyIdea.org will also aim at connecting like-minded young people who share similar interests in causes, passions and projects.