Doubt Student Potential? Check out TED Under 20

If you ever as an educator  fall into a dark place, where you begin to doubt students and the young generation, just check out one of the inspiring videos by youth.

Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) is transforming education. With its broad range and interdisciplinary videos, it helps students make connections across subjects with real world examples and people. The inspiring and engaging videos have brought the curriculum to life. A teacher can search for videos based on topic, event, length or rating.

It has not only become a trusted resource to teachers and educators but to parents and families at home. Many students will watch TED videos on their own as self-directed and independent learners.

My all time favorite is William Kamkwamba on harnessing the wind because it provides hope for all learners who take initiative. I particularly love this playlist by TED because it captures the vision of Build My Idea. These young people are brilliant, creative, ambitious and can contribute to society in so many different ways. Young social entrepreneurs on TED demonstrate that age is just a number.

I believe that by sharing ideas worth spreading in classes and schools, students will not only make use of them but build them.


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