Have You Heard of the app Stop Breath Think?

What is it? Stop Breathe Think is a free app that allows people recognize their emotions and rejuvenate quickly. You identify your emotions and then select a recommended guided meditation. Who uses it? Anyone who experiences stress, anger or frustration. All students, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs and leaders could benefit from tools that enable their own well-being. How […]

Have You Heard of Fotojet?

What is it? Fotojet is a simple and free photo collage creation tool. You can make a card, poster or social media image quickly. It requires no email address or account. Who uses it? Anyone who wants to make a card or any type of visual. Students, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs and leaders could benefit from a tool that […]

Collect Money With Your Phone Instantly Through Venmo

What is it? Venmo is an app on your phone. It is a tool that allows people to pay each other instantly with a debit card for free. Who uses it? Anyone who is trying make and share money. How can it help? It allows you to collect money from a person easily without hassle of getting their […]

Become a Graphic Designer Instantly With Canva

What is it? Canva is a free tool that allows you to create many types of designs with a professional look. Who uses it? Anyone who is trying develop a social media post, a poster or any graphic design. How can it help? It allows people to design content using images, text and layout in a way that […]

Create a Meme Instantly

What is it? Memegenerator is a free tool that creates memes in seconds. Who uses it? Anyone who is trying to make someone laugh, create awareness or trying to spread a message. How can it help? It allows people to create captivating images and powerful messages that can be shared across many forms of media. Share and comment on […]

Become a Hero With HeroX 1

What is it? HeroX is a platform for running competitions to solve local and global problems. It is the vision of Peter Diamandis extending the ability of the Xprize to people globally. Who uses it? Anyone who cares deeply about a challenge to develop a competition. How can it help? It allows people to solve the toughest […]

Make Ideas Happen With 99U

What is it? 99U provides the practical advice and insights on making ideas happen. Who uses it? Anyone feeling stuck in trying something or looking to develop an idea. How can it help? Practical insights on how to address challenges in developing your idea can help make your ideas happen.

Develop Ideas for Results With DIY

What is it? Development Impact & You (DIY) provides the best practical tools out there in developing ideas and making impact. Who uses it? Anyone looking to further develop an idea, refine it or adapt it. How can it help? Utilize a variety of proven tools that enable looking ahead, developing a clear plan, clarifying priorities and testing […]

Need a Set of Free Hands to Help You?

What is it? is free service that helps organizations connect with volunteers that can perform their small tasks. The tasks are posted as challenges performed with micro-volunteering. Who uses it? Many non-profit organizations fulfill their tasks and engage others while listening to ideas to innovate. How can it help? If you serve in a non-profit organization, […]

Want to Crowd Fund Your Idea?

What is it? StartSomeGood is an outstanding crowd funding resource. They provide tools for social change initiatives. Along with raising funds, they provide the education, support and practical tips for a successful venture. Who uses it? Changemakers developing social good projects can develop a campaign to raise funds and a venture to share their vision. […]