Recycle Your eWaste

What do you do with used batteries? What about an old broken phone or useless wires? There is an entire stock pile of electronic gizmos and gadgets that are no longer used and just end up in the dumpster. With no hope of breaking down they end up in piles at a landfill and may […]

What If There Was Music in Every Class?

It’s boring! Class and school are often called boring by students in many cases. A while ago in my teaching experiences, I recognized that if I wanted students to get the most learning out of class, I must make it engaging and exciting for them. Although, there are an infinite number of ways to do […]

Can a Maker Lab Be Real? 1

Imagine a new concept – a maker lab. What if we all collected stuff we throw away and used it for building things? When I think about what goes into trash, it includes lots of items that no longer work – wood, plastics, metals, wires and so much random stuff. In education and play, the idea of […]

What If Every School Had a Conference Led by Students?

How can motivated students influence their peers? How can educators and parents make learning at school more meaningful? How can students be challenged to do more than get good grades? Organizing a conference at a school with student input and initiative can be a solution. There have been countless tedx events at schools across the […]

What If We Could Give Away Leftovers?

One person’s leftovers are another person’s exotic meal. This all depends on what a person pictures when thinking of left overs.  Are you imagining a bitten cheeseburger or a plate of Pad Thai that was not touched? Could you imagine a homeless guy or even a college student getting a full plate of Pad Thai […]

What If We Asked and Tracked “Love of Learning?”

What questions do we often ask a child regarding school? About grades or about the particular concept in a subject? What if instead we ask each student if he or she loves learning? There are a number of students who do not enjoy learning. Unfortunately, these students as adolescents have equated learning with schooling.  Many […]

What If Leaving a Class Legacy was a Senior Tradition?

Today, high school seniors suffer from senioritis during their last semester. Senioritis can be defined as a condition when senior students are exhausted by academic tasks and social life changes taking a toll on their productivity. Seniors suffering from senioritis tend to be seen as lazy and symptoms include procrastination and apathy. With college applications, […]

What If SAT Time was Devoted to Building Service Ideas?

Nearly 850 four-year colleges do not use the SAT I or ACT to admit substantial numbers of bachelor degree applicants. I found this to be a surprising figure. I think it is remarkable that prominent universities such as New York University, University of Texas Austin, University of Houston, DePaul and George Mason University have all […]

What If All Schools Were BYOD?

Can you imagine if all elementary, middle and high schools had a policy of bringing your own devices (BYOD)? There is no doubt that there are many schools out there that have already embraced technology and BYOD policies. What about your school? If your school does not have this policy, have you asked why not? […]

What If We All Engaged in “Virtual Service?”

Can you imagine if in schools and at home, we as communities engaged in “virtual service?” Virtual service is any act of service that could be performed virtually. In today’s world, there are unlimited ways to help people and serve without physically being there. A simple phone call to a person sick  thousands of miles […]