New Manifesto 2017 Desk Calendar

Here is a revised and new manifesto. We have changed “learning over performance” to “learning over ranking.” We realized that performance has many different connotations in school compared to entrepreneurship and work. A young innovator in a workshop also pointed out that when he thinks about performance, it is highly connected to learning. First, we […]

Three Reasons Why You Should Send Your Teen to LFT

Keeping the summer fun and educational, Leadership for Teens (LFT) is a one-day workshop for 12-18 year olds packed with interactive and reflective activities designed to inspire teens to take charge of their lives and make education, career and personal choices that are in tune with their passion, strengths and purpose. Here are three reasons […]


As part of the NOW movement with Derek Sivers, I have decided to join and create the following page for I believe that it will enable more focus and clarity. Now I am: adding value to students in middle school and high school by shining light on the importance of self-awareness, on their ability […]

Have You Made a FROG Before?

This is not about a “frog” in dissection or teaching a science class. FROG stands for Free Resources Online Grouped (FROG). In today’s connected world of abundant digital resources we need a filter that allows us to engage with certain topics of interest and weeds out the millions of hits. Therefore, a FROG is any […]

Recycle Your eWaste

What do you do with used batteries? What about an old broken phone or useless wires? There is an entire stock pile of electronic gizmos and gadgets that are no longer used and just end up in the dumpster. With no hope of breaking down they end up in piles at a landfill and may […]

Get People Together for Your Cause With Eventbrite

What is it? Eventbrite is a tool that allows people to register for an event. Free events are free to schedule. Who uses it? Anyone who is trying get people together and plan an event can use the platform. How can it help? It allows you to plan an event with a link to register and helps you […]

Win $4000 Scholarship by Playing the Bully Text Game

What is it? Play The Bully Text game from with 6 friends to enter to win a $4000 scholarship and “to create your own anti-bully army.” What’s needed? All you need to do is sign up with your first name and cell phone along with six friends’ cell phone numbers. What’s the deadline? April 24th is […]

What If We Could Give Away Leftovers?

One person’s leftovers are another person’s exotic meal. This all depends on what a person pictures when thinking of left overs.  Are you imagining a bitten cheeseburger or a plate of Pad Thai that was not touched? Could you imagine a homeless guy or even a college student getting a full plate of Pad Thai […]

Win $1000 as a High School Student with a Poster

What is it? Poster Contest for high school students by the Christophers to win $1000. Second prize is $500. Third prize is $250. Five honorable mentions for $100 each. What’s needed? Create a poster for the theme: “One Person Can Make a Difference” What’s the deadline? February 21st, 2014 Please click on the contest above […]