Doubt Student Potential? Check out TED Under 20

If you ever as an educator  fall into a dark place, where you begin to doubt students and the young generation, just check out one of the inspiring videos by youth. Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) is transforming education. With its broad range and interdisciplinary videos, it helps students make connections across subjects with real world […]

Gamechanger: Karim Farishta

Express yourself in a way that others can understand you. Sounds difficult, doesn’t it? You are you, and nobody can understand you better than yourself. So how do you make people see you for who you truly are? “Passion,” says Karim Farishta, a senior at Clements High School Global Studies Academy. People may not share […]

How do we help students gain the necessary 21st century skills?

21st Century Skills is one of the hot buzz words in education. It deserves its merits as it is a significant calling to the reform of school curriculum. 21st Century Skills can be defined in many ways and below are two models (Partnership for 21st Century Skills & Center for 21st Century Skills) that explain […]

Finding the Purpose of School

There are many students I come across that I am confident that will be happy, successful and live a fulfilling life. There are also many students that I come across that I do everything in my power to help but still remain worried about. What differentiates the students that I strongly believe in and the […]

Design Thinking for Young Designers

In today’s world, there are just too many articles, books, videos, and websites out there. If you google “social entrepreneurship,” you get over 1.2 million results. How can one find great resources to build an idea? Where can one start? This blog series will act as a filter by focusing on specific tools and resources […]

Service-Learning or Community Service?

“In doing we learn” claimed the poet George Herbert. That is why service learning and community service are both so powerful. What is the difference between service-learning and community service? Service-learning is an approach to teaching and learning in which students use knowledge and skills to address genuine community needs. What separates service-learning from community service is […]

Make Just One Change – Ask Better Questions

In the summer of 2013, I heard of the book Make Just One Change. I was quite intrigued by the title, can one change really have that much of an impact? Absolutely. I say that with confidence because I have seen the results with students. The change that the book refers to is students learning how […]