New Manifesto 2018 Desk Calendar

Here is the new 2018 Manifesto Calendar. At the end of 2016, we changed “learning over performance” to “learning over ranking.” We realized that performance has many different connotations in school compared to entrepreneurship and work. A young innovator in a workshop also pointed out that when he thinks about performance, it is connected to […]

Three Reasons Why You Should Send Your Teen to LFT

Keeping the summer fun and educational, Leadership for Teens (LFT) is a one-day workshop for 12-18 year olds packed with interactive and reflective activities designed to inspire teens to take charge of their lives and make education, career and personal choices that are in tune with their passion, strengths and purpose. Here are three reasons […]

Possibly The Easiest Way To Give Ever

With the refugees crisis and poverty, one in seven kids in world do not have enough food to live an active life. To help a hungry child, the World Food Programme has made it easier than ever before to give. With a tap on your smartphone you can “share the meal” with a child in need. […]

Have You Made a FROG Before?

This is not about a “frog” in dissection or teaching a science class. FROG stands for Free Resources Online Grouped (FROG). In today’s connected world of abundant digital resources we need a filter that allows us to engage with certain topics of interest and weeds out the millions of hits. Therefore, a FROG is any […]

7 Innovation Secrets Straight from the Pros that You Can Devour in an Hour

Recently, I bumped into a bright college student at University of Houston and we began a conversation on innovation. He asked what focused on and I explained the three strands that we focus on are self-awareness, innovation and leadership. He said that as a college student, he had started to explore self-awareness and leadership […]

Serve on MLK Day: A Day On, Not a Day Off

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is to be a day “On” for action as oppose to a day off.  Take a look at the local opportunities to serve in your area by clicking here. Enjoy the following inspiring quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. “We must use time creatively.” “Whatever affects one directly, affects all […]

How Do You Reinvent Yourself?

We live in a dynamic world where the recent college grad will likely go through at least six different career shifts during their lifetime. When it comes to changes in careers, it is important to recognize that this is simply a part of life today. The following presents a model that will help you to […]

What Mistakes Hold College Students from Getting Their Dream Jobs?

I love Nelson Mandela’s quote, “It always seems impossible, until it is done.” Well, students getting their dream job right after college may seem impossible and impractical to many. Yet, it is happening. Forbes August 2011 issue highlighted All-Star Student Entrepreneurs that had developed their ideas while being students. We all also know the famous […]

What I Learned and What I Would Do Differently

Through my academic and professional career and life experiences, I have made several mistakes and learned from them. Through college and my career, I changed my major three times and then changed my profession drastically as well. Through my journey, I have been blessed and worked hard to be where I am today. I was able […]

Learning about Real Heroes: Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou was a true American hero. Her philosophy and outlook on life can play a major role in education. A research or analysis of her works may open the heart and mind of a child. As a poet, writer, journalist, performer, dancer, actress, director, teacher and civil rights activist, her full life cuts across […]