Can a Maker Lab Be Real? 1

Imagine a new concept – a maker lab.

What if we all collected stuff we throw away and used it for building things? When I think about what goes into trash, it includes lots of items that no longer work – wood, plastics, metals, wires and so much random stuff. In education and play, the idea of repairing, building and making can take on significant roles. In other words, our garbage and waste can make up materials for a lab. Perhaps, a maker lab!

Imagine a maker lab at a school or library where every student brings in scraps and there are bins labeled by material, everything from plastic buttons, to worn out suitcase, to a plastic dish tray. Just about every empty marker or pen can be made into a new marker with a whole new color.  The lab would be magnificent to many students as they could have lots of materials to build prototypes for things that they want to create. To add, we would not be putting these into the landfill and schools would get free items in their laboratory from students. May be to take a break away from classes, the students can go into a maker lab. A whole new type of play! Can maker lab be real? Projects with items like this are already happening. Check out I challenge someone to make it at your school or community!





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