Big Questions

1. Why create


There are many students that want to do more besides just going to school. Many students are looking for ways they can make a difference and seeking challenges that go beyond getting good grades in school. These students could benefit significantly by being challenged to problem solve and design real world solutions. The students could learn more about themselves, gain 21st century skills and develop leadership abilities. The students can serve and add real value to people, communities and organizations during their formative teenage years.


2. What does aim to develop within students in the long run?


We aim to enable students to develop a social entrepreneurial mindset and skills. We hope that those that go into workforce and build businesses having been part of, have leadership qualities of being able to creatively problem solve and have an alignment with their passions, talents and purpose with earning a living. We hope that these young minds see a strong connection between service, entrepreneurship and leadership.


3. How can help students with their ideas?


a. We can provide students with resources about how to develop their ideas by pinpointing tools that students could use instantly to grow their ideas as well as sharing other ideas that may complement theirs

b. We can provide guidance on how to map out their ideas

c. We can help in sharing student’s ideas with their community and partners

d. We can help identify ways to make students’ ideas more sustainable


4. How can help students with their education?


We can help students develop an innovative mindset that connects across disciplines in their education to find the areas that students are passionate about. We can also nurture self-directed learning and enthusiasm to learn based on student ideas and real world challenges.


5. How can adults such as educators, teachers and parents get involved with


Educators, teachers and parents can share our resources to further inspire youth. Our platform can help many adults that serve youth learn about what is happening in the world and explore ideas and tools that may excite teens. may also spark real examples and problems that can be used in the classroom and home to teach a concept further.


6. How can you partner with


If you are a educator, social entrepreneur or non-profit, we would love to see how we can together inspire students to be innovative leaders. could provide online and face-2-face workshops for students. We also hope to provide trainings for teachers, facilitators and leaders in the future. Please contact


7. What partnerships does aim to develop?


We aim to develop multiple partnerships with non-profit organizations and social enterprises that support student learning. Any organization that serves students in the ages of 12-18 can be a potential partner if they are looking for students to develop the mindset of innovative leaders.


8. Is a not-for-profit organization? is designed to be a sustainable social enterprise organization that is for profit. We plan to add a non-profit foundation to the for-profit entity in the future.


9. How can you contribute in funds, sponsor a workshop or volunteer your skills with


Please contact and share how you would like to contribute.


10. What is the philosophy of education at


We believe that students learn best when:

(1) students try something and do something that they feel ownership for

(2) students work collaboratively with people that have different strengths and experiences

(3) students ask and then try to answer tough and real-world questions

(4) students see value in and results in what they are working on

Our Manifesto embodies the shift we believe students need to develop as innovative leaders. This includes learning over performance, collaboration over competition, valuing strengths and uniqueness of themselves and others. We would like to cultivate these key values and outlooks that may be conflicting with certain school cultures.

We also believe that resilience is trait that innovators need in the world today and that leaders must pick themselves up when things don’t go as planned. In addition, we strongly believe that if students recognize purpose, passion and compassion as central then students will be more intentional and service oriented in their educational outlook. We believe that students must see themselves as innovators, change-makers and leaders if they are to be innovative leaders. Lastly, students must recognize learning as much more than schooling and leadership as much more than a title. Seeing learning and leadership as life-long processes will enable them to see that it is a journey that we are all on and aim to continuously grow in.