Ryan Makhani

Get People Together for Your Cause With Eventbrite

What is it? Eventbrite is a tool that allows people to register for an event. Free events are free to schedule. Who uses it? Anyone who is trying get people together and plan an event can use the platform. How can it help? It allows you to plan an event with a link to register and helps you […]

Collect Money With Your Phone Instantly Through Venmo

What is it? Venmo is an app on your phone. It is a tool that allows people to pay each other instantly with a debit card for free. Who uses it? Anyone who is trying make and share money. How can it help? It allows you to collect money from a person easily without hassle of getting their […]

Become a Graphic Designer Instantly With Canva

What is it? Canva is a free tool that allows you to create many types of designs with a professional look. Who uses it? Anyone who is trying develop a social media post, a poster or any graphic design. How can it help? It allows people to design content using images, text and layout in a way that […]

What Mistakes Hold College Students from Getting Their Dream Jobs?

I love Nelson Mandela’s quote, “It always seems impossible, until it is done.” Well, students getting their dream job right after college may seem impossible and impractical to many. Yet, it is happening. Forbes August 2011 issue highlighted All-Star Student Entrepreneurs that had developed their ideas while being students. We all also know the famous […]

What If There Was Music in Every Class?

It’s boring! Class and school are often called boring by students in many cases. A while ago in my teaching experiences, I recognized that if I wanted students to get the most learning out of class, I must make it engaging and exciting for them. Although, there are an infinite number of ways to do […]

What I Learned and What I Would Do Differently

Through my academic and professional career and life experiences, I have made several mistakes and learned from them. Through college and my career, I changed my major three times and then changed my profession drastically as well. Through my journey, I have been blessed and worked hard to be where I am today. I was able […]

Create a Meme Instantly

What is it? Memegenerator is a free tool that creates memes in seconds. Who uses it? Anyone who is trying to make someone laugh, create awareness or trying to spread a message. How can it help? It allows people to create captivating images and powerful messages that can be shared across many forms of media. Share and comment on […]

Become a Hero With HeroX 1

What is it? HeroX is a platform for running competitions to solve local and global problems. It is the vision of Peter Diamandis extending the ability of the Xprize to people globally. Who uses it? Anyone who cares deeply about a challenge to develop a competition. How can it help? It allows people to solve the toughest […]

Can a Maker Lab Be Real? 1

Imagine a new concept – a maker lab. What if we all collected stuff we throw away and used it for building things? When I think about what goes into trash, it includes lots of items that no longer work – wood, plastics, metals, wires and so much random stuff. In education and play, the idea of […]

Make Ideas Happen With 99U

What is it? 99U provides the practical advice and insights on making ideas happen. Who uses it? Anyone feeling stuck in trying something or looking to develop an idea. How can it help? Practical insights on how to address challenges in developing your idea can help make your ideas happen.