Ryan Makhani

7 Innovation Secrets Straight from the Pros that You Can Devour in an Hour

Recently, I bumped into a bright college student at University of Houston and we began a conversation on innovation. He asked what BuildMyIdea.org focused on and I explained the three strands that we focus on are self-awareness, innovation and leadership. He said that as a college student, he had started to explore self-awareness and leadership […]

Recycle Your eWaste

What do you do with used batteries? What about an old broken phone or useless wires? There is an entire stock pile of electronic gizmos and gadgets that are no longer used and just end up in the dumpster. With no hope of breaking down they end up in piles at a landfill and may […]

Serve on MLK Day: A Day On, Not a Day Off

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is to be a day “On” for action as oppose to a day off.  Take a look at the local opportunities to serve in your area by clicking here. Enjoy the following inspiring quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. “We must use time creatively.” “Whatever affects one directly, affects all […]

How Do You Reinvent Yourself?

We live in a dynamic world where the recent college grad will likely go through at least six different career shifts during their lifetime. When it comes to changes in careers, it is important to recognize that this is simply a part of life today. The following presents a model that will help you to […]

Get People Together for Your Cause With Eventbrite

What is it? Eventbrite is a tool that allows people to register for an event. Free events are free to schedule. Who uses it? Anyone who is trying get people together and plan an event can use the platform. How can it help? It allows you to plan an event with a link to register and helps you […]

Collect Money With Your Phone Instantly Through Venmo

What is it? Venmo is an app on your phone. It is a tool that allows people to pay each other instantly with a debit card for free. Who uses it? Anyone who is trying make and share money. How can it help? It allows you to collect money from a person easily without hassle of getting their […]

Become a Graphic Designer Instantly With Canva

What is it? Canva is a free tool that allows you to create many types of designs with a professional look. Who uses it? Anyone who is trying develop a social media post, a poster or any graphic design. How can it help? It allows people to design content using images, text and layout in a way that […]

What Mistakes Hold College Students from Getting Their Dream Jobs?

I love Nelson Mandela’s quote, “It always seems impossible, until it is done.” Well, students getting their dream job right after college may seem impossible and impractical to many. Yet, it is happening. Forbes August 2011 issue highlighted All-Star Student Entrepreneurs that had developed their ideas while being students. We all also know the famous […]

What If There Was Music in Every Class?

It’s boring! Class and school are often called boring by students in many cases. A while ago in my teaching experiences, I recognized that if I wanted students to get the most learning out of class, I must make it engaging and exciting for them. Although, there are an infinite number of ways to do […]

What I Learned and What I Would Do Differently

Through my academic and professional career and life experiences, I have made several mistakes and learned from them. Through college and my career, I changed my major three times and then changed my profession drastically as well. Through my journey, I have been blessed and worked hard to be where I am today. I was able […]