Ashoka’s Changemaker & Youth Venture: Resources for Social Entrepreneurs

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 4.51.37 lists over 3,000 projects worldwide that span different sectors, models and stages. The image below shows all that you can do at changemakers. You can create your own project page to broadcast your vision and progress and create an online storefront to gain visibility.


Youth Ventures is the youth arm of Ashoka, whose mission is to advance everyone as a changemaker in the world. Youth Venture aims to build a movement of young people being powerful and changemakers now.  It runs campaigns and events to enable youth from the ages of 12-20 to get the required support in order to develop their ideas for social change. Ashoka as a whole offers many resources in education and support for social entrepreneurship of all kinds. There are many social entrepreneurs that have become fellows to gain additional skills and build their ideas even further. There is also the AshokaU which catalyzes innovation in higher education.