About Us

When we look into our foresight binoculars, we see young service leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, engaged learners, and positive societal contributors addressing social challenges through collaboration and creative problem solving. We see a future where our experienced leaders are consulting the young people for unblemished ideas and simple yet genius insights. We see a world where ideas are not just born, but also flourish.

Our message to young people — Go Innovate!

How do we do this?

BuildMyIdea.org seeks to engage and empower young people between the ages of 12–22 through social and technological resources to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and service. Our mission is to inspire young people to own their future. They comprise of the collective potential for our future and will make the important decisions in existing industries. They will also be at the forefront of creating new industries. Through a transformative process, we intend to stimulate students to develop their strengths and see the value in others.

What services do we offer?

  • Workshops
  • Coaching programs, events and sessions
  • Informational and education resources and tools
  • Youth innovation community/network


We recognize students as change makers, social innovators and entrepreneurs. We see an opportunity for guiding teens and young adults in how to explore learning and leadership that is beyond formal schooling. Inspiring their capacity for self-education will enable future leaders to form a habit of continuous growth and out-of-the-box thinking necessary to spark magnificent change in the world.

We believe that Buildmyidea.org creates a mutual relationship where the world benefits from the ingenuity of young people and young people develop their passion and purpose to guide their future.